April 20, 2017

Supporters of Candidates in WNB called upon to behave

Supporters escorting candidates during the nomination period in West New Britain Province (WNBP) have been called upon to behave in the best manner.
Provincial Returning Officer and Election Manageress Emily Kelton said," it is an exciting time but supporters must cooperate well so that the process proceeds and ends well."
The nomination of candidates will take place as soon as writs are issued this afternoon at Kimbe Independence Park.
Election Manageress said," only the candidate and witness will be allowed into the nomination area whilst their supporters remain at the specific allocated area."
For this election, the nomination venue is out under two shelters for the reason of having the public to also witness the nomination whereas in the past, nomination was done indoors.
Emily Kelton further said," there will be no acceptance of nominations this afternoon when the writ is issued due to close of business but will be accepted the following day.
NBC News/ One PNG    Photo: alarmy.com