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PNG's Governor General praises Tourism forum

Governor General Mr Bob Dadae is lauding calls by the United Nations for Papua New Guinea to do more to promote tourism in Papua New Guinea.
Mr Dadae said, the future of the country lies in tourism and there is enormous economic potential in this sector yet to be explored.
“Our country’s economic potential lies in tourism in areas that are untapped or yet to be explored. PNG is an attractive destination in terms of cultural diversity, with more than 800 languages and cultures that we can showcase to the world, and natural beauty, our country is very beautiful with diverse flora and fauna, high mountains, magnificent waterfalls and stunning beaches, to name a few.”
Mr Dadae said, a major advantage for Papua New Guinea is its location situated in the middle of Asia and the Pacific region which affords PNG easy access to market its tourism potential.
He added, in order to promote and sustain tourism critical issues such as law and order, negative publicity and infrastructure must be addressed.
“We need to curtail the increase of law and order problems by supporting our law enforcing agencies such as Police and churches and providing them necessary resources to reduce crime. Media publicity is important.”
A lot of negative publicity in the media will deter tourists from visiting PNG. Access to transport on road and by air is at the moment very expensive.”
“We can address this by building roads and establishing proper transport facilities connecting the four regions in the country.”
“Identifying issues affecting the tourism industry and allocating sufficient resources to these areas is a start. Start small, learn from experience and grow the industry,” the Governor General said.
He further commended the United Nations World Tourism Organization for choosing PNG to host its national forum on sustainable development for tourism and South Korean government for sponsoring the programme.
Meantime, the Governor General has conveyed his best wishes to the national soccer team, the PNG Kapuls as they take on Tahiti in their first ever World Cup qualifier this week.
“Soccer is truly a national sport popular and revered in every district and region in the country. The Governor General commended organizations such as the PNG Football Association and individuals for their efforts in promoting soccer and for the high standard the sport has achieved in the country.”
“Sports is a mechanism for promoting national unity. It unites our people from different tribes, provinces and regions. It promotes the concept of national identity and oneness. I want to urge fellow citizens to throw their support behind the Kapuls and I wish them the very best when they take on Tahiti on Thursday.”
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