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Tkatchenko: Big trucks, semi-trailers should not use residential roads

“Drivers must control trucks within set speed limits, especially when transporting 100 tons of gravel or stones. The last thing you want to do is go over the speed limit, the responsibility of the company is to let their drivers know what they are doing and should be doing.

”He gave a stern warning to companies to take responsibility of their trucks and advise their drivers to use major highways and roads. “Prevention is better than cure. If the trucks had followed the main roads as they should, we would never have experienced this accident and loss of life. The truck was speeding, tipped and killed two innocent beautiful people of my electorate.”

“MVIL should look at the compensation they are going to pay for this accident.He is now calling on the Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) and others involved in road safety to take the latest accident seriously and investigate it thoroughly to ensure it never recurs.This is from member for Moresby-South Justin Tkatchenko after Wednesday’s unfortunate accident at Konedobu that killed a man and his nephew, and earned the ire of the local member. BIG trucks and semi-trailers must not use residential roads as their highway
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