January 29, 2017

Northern Governor Juffa to table report of alleged syndicate’s illegal operations in PNG's Labour Dept

FORMER head of Customs now Oro Governor, Garry Juffa, is expected to table on the floor of Parliament this week a damning report of an alleged syndicate which he claims is operating in the Department of Labour.

Mr Juffa announced this last Friday and during the grievance debate. He said he was gravely concerned about the seeming takeover by foreigners of jobs, business opportunities and land by these groups of people at the expense of the citizens of the country. Moreover, the lax attitude by mandated leaders including national members of parliament (MPs) Ministers and department heads and workers of institutions charged with the duty of protecting the country’s interest. He said he was not against foreign investment or foreigners, but stressed those allowed ought to be respectful of the country’s laws. “I appeal to us leaders, our mandate is to protect the interest of our people at all times this week.

 Last week I was shocked to hear the Labour Minister saying he was not aware of what is happening in our country and next week if Parliament continues, I will be tabling a report on a syndicate that is operating in the Labour Department that is using Labour officers, who have unlawfully been issuing work permits and sneaking in a significant number of workers from a particular country, who cannot speak a word of English. “Where are we going in the next 10-20 years if we cannot protect our interests, if we are giving away all our jobs, all our businesses?”

 Mr Juff said. He argued that there was a time in the past that locals had a sense of certainty about jobs and businesses that were for them, but that this is no longer the case. “Government departments and state entities appeared anxious, energised with the capacity to protect the interest of our people. Today its seems they are doing the opposite, they are selling and facilitating the interest of our people,” Mr Juffa said. He said this was the same case with regards to the acquisition by foreigners of land in the country which he has already led the charge on this matter not being tolerated in his province. “I have stopped development on three parcels of land by foreigners who could barely speak English. First they were unlawfully in the country, illegally conducting business and to add insult to injury, they have acquired land unlawfully,” he said. Post Courier/ONE PNG