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Fruit Pickers Can Gain Up To Top$30, 000 for a 6 Months Contract

Radio and Television Tonga reports a Tongan fruit picker can earn up to TOP$30,000 during a 6 months contract in Australia if the fruit picker is committed and dedicated.

The TOP$30,000 includes the expenses for air fare, transport, accommodation, health insurance and tax.

A supervisor for a Fruit Picking Company – the Plant, Grow and Pick in Mildura, Queensland Australia Hingano Tulahe is in Nuku’alofa and he said some of the successful fruit pickers return home with a huge amount of money to help develop their families.

Some people were able to buy themselves vehicles and improve their living standards and properties.

Hingano said the problem is when fruit pickers return and complain about not having enough pay if they are not successful.

He said their stories are discouraging others who are thinking of joining the fruit picking scheme of a particular contractor.

He said about 50 people from 200-300 fruit pickers were not happy with the amount of money they received after working for 6 months.

Hingano said these were the pickers who didn’t perform well and did not made wise decisions to save money and reduce unnecessary expenses or showed commitments to their jobs.

He called these complains, misinformation and lies which ruins the reputation of the contractor.

Hingano re-emphasized, that the employment opportunities were given to school drop outs to work in overseas countries and to help develop their families in Tonga.

Radio and Television Tonga is waiting for comments from related stakeholders such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other seasonal fruit picking contractors, regarding the issue.

Photo: File footage (fruit pickers)
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