December 4, 2016

Man charged for touching woman’s breast

A CHIMBU man was arrested after allegations that he touched a woman’s breasts without her consent.

John Gore appeared before the Committal Court at Waigani where he was arraigned  by Magistrate Cosmas Bidar, who added that police were acting on a complaint and now the onus was on the police to substantiate those allegations. Thus, the case was adjourned to January 12 to allow for police investigations.

The allegations against Gore were that on the morning of October 2, he went to a house  at Kila Police Barracks in Moresby South where the woman was mopping floors.

The court heard that upon entering the house, he called the victim “nais wan eh” to which he was told to keep away as the floors were wet.

It was further alleged that he proceeded into one of the rooms and when she came to mop that room, he grabbed her breasts from behind and squeezed.

Gore was charged with unlawful indecent touching, arrested and released from custody on K300 bail.

Yesterday was his first court appearance.

Gore is a student and hails from Gul in Gumine district. Post Courier/ ONEPNG