November 27, 2016

Lae Police & City Authority to curb petty crimes and street vending

Street vending and pick pocketing are on the rise again in Lae City hence the Lae Police and the Lae City Council are collaborating to address this through combined foot patrols between the Police Foot beat Unit and the City Councils Law Enforcement Rangers.

Lae City Manager Roy Kamen says these very issues are what caused a riot this time last year and addressing it through this partnership will counter attack and put a stop to these activities.
Mr. Kamen thanked the police for their support further adding that these issues will effectively be dealt with.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the combined unit will be coordinated by the City Policing Unit of which, one week awareness will be conducted for public knowledge.
“Street vending has become a big issue, major crimes in the city have decreased, but petty crimes are increasing and for an individual to be robbed or pick pocketed and harassed can be traumatizing”
“This work is to safe guard our people and to bring some order and control into the city” said Mr. Wagambie.
He said other areas of concern apart from street vending that may cause congestion of people in public places will also be addressed and tents will be setup at Eriku, Town and Market areas to ensure visibility to the public. PNGFM/ONEPNG