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Koki market aims to become model market in Port Moresby

The Koki fresh fruits and vegetables market is aiming to become a model market in Port Moresby city with a clean and safe environment.

The market is now looking to embark on a project that may make the lives of its vendors who travel from outside parts of the Central provinces a lot more convenient. Market Manager Mr. Joel Kailao was proud to boast that the market through a successful bid has plans to build a double story transit lodge to provide temporary accommodations for vendors who travel a great distance to sell their fresh produce at the market.

“This building is planned to be built at the car park area of the market. It will ease the burden of vendors who travel from outside of the city, especially Central province areas so they can easily find a place to rest after a long day of selling," said Mr. Kailo.
The market also has a vendor’s association that deals with issues that they face and has about 400 registered vendors already, with ID cards. PNGFM/ONEPNG
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