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Is PNG the land of opportunity and viable option of Agri-Business?

As the country is on the eve of turning 41 years of Independence the questions remains whether PNG is a land of opportunity and if PNG is a viable option for Agri-Business?

This was the question posed to participants at the PNG Australia Alumni Association (PNGAAA) workshop presented by keynote speaker and National Research Institute Director Dr. Charles Yala, who said while PNG Is a land of opportunities the challenges of doing business is daunting
however despite the challenges of our geographical and cultural diversity there are actually opportunities for business growth and development. He singled out the International Business summit and the Korea PNG Dialogue and what was obvious was the man-made barrier depicted
in broken government systems and process which are frustrating rather than facilitating business enterprise development.

Dr Yala alluded to successful businesses in PNG have been built by people with clear passion and commitment to the country who are survivors in
Which we are all beneficiaries of their perseverance, and there have been those that have tried and failed to do business in which he acknowledged.
“Going back to the theme of this conference, and the question: Is Agri business a viable business
option in PNG? The answer is a resounding yes from the perspective of the natural climatic
conditions in certain parts of the country, but an equally resounding no under the present systems
and processes of government. The broken system is frustrating businesses and killing private
enterprise, including agri-business. As we speak here today, our current system is capable of
promoting phony schemes and scams in the name of business promotion, including agri-business.
The long standing Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL), Land Act review, Small Medium
Enterprise (SME) policy, and the Rice Policy are current cases in point. To put it plainly, what we
have to date is political rhetoric and administrative nonsense. This is a recipe for killing
businesses, including agri-businesses.

My challenge to the members of the PNG Australia Alumni: Do you want to be part of a team which
frustrates or facilitates businesses, including Agri business in PNG? I leave to each one of you to
answer this question.” concluded Dr. Yala
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