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Oil Search Foundation gets a boost of K185 million

Chairman of Oil Search Foundation, Peter BOTTEN says the company has been a vanguard in promoting foreign investment and health care many mothers and children at its impact sites. When speaking last night during the announcement of a grant from OSL to the OS Foundation, Mr Botten emphasized on the need for organization to align its plans to assisting the Government in providing the best possible support and funding towards the needs of Papua New Guineans. Oil Search boasts of a 99% reduction in Malaria in areas it supports to date. As a result, Mr Botten emphasized that PEOPLE LIVE LONGER because of this assistance. The Foundation has also helped in reducing HIV and TB over the years as well. Oil Search has realized the need to assist in the service of Health as it understands that there is only 1 doctor to close to 17,000 people in PNG. Oil Search Limited had last night announced a grant for the Oil Search Foundation of K185 million (US$56 million) over five years, from 2016 to 2020. The grant will fund the Foundation’s core operational costs and signature programmes that deliver sustainable development outcomes in Papua New Guinea, specifically within the areas of Health, Leadership and Education, and Women’s Protection and Empowerment.
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