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Media Blitx on quality of Tuna reporting

Tuna is a very important resource in our country not just the money the country is receiving in this important commodity but also for the management and the sustainability of this

important renewable resource.
As such the Fishing Forum Agency (FFA) partnering with the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) is currently holding a workshop for media personnel in a bid to educate and ensure media personnel that the correct information and the technicalities of fishing jargon along with the road map and initiatives that is currently being undertaken by the FFA in partnership with the NFA is conveyed correctly to the general public with the theme ‪#‎Tuna‬ Nomics#
“Fisheries is very complicated and the complexity can be very controversial it takes years working in a fisheries department to get understanding so I actually feel sorry for journalist trying to
report, but having said that it’s also a very exciting field particularly in the Pacific and the Pacific content and please believe me when I say this region is strives ahead of the rest of the world in
terms of managing tuna fisheries and PNG is at the forefront of that” stated the Deputy Director-General of the Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency Mr Wez Norris in his opening remarks
to the participants.
The workshop covered areas of economic sustainability and food security and what the FFA is doing in partnership with the NFA order to deal with issues within fisheries and empowering our local people within the country and the Pacific region in employment and other areas, participants also got see how tuna fisheries is doing in terms of species numbers and catchment documentation and what how this affects the European Market.
With PNG being part of the 17 Pacific Nations and part of the largest tuna fishery on the planet covering 40 million square kilometres in special economic zones it is crucial even vital that the correct facts and figures and relaying of information is relayed in a renewable resource that has the potential to improve the lives of many within the country and the Pacific region.
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