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SPTO announces the first winner of its 2016 specialists program


THE first winner of the South Pacific Specialist programme 2016 has been announced by the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) in Suva, Fiji. Ms. Felicity Alquist of GO Holiday New Zealand is the winner of the newly introduced South Pacific Specialists programme by the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) as part of its marketing strategies.  

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the SPTO Chris Cocker in making the announcement said the winner was chosen from a random draw of entries at the SPTO boardroom. He said SPTO would like to congratulate Ms. Alquist for her win. He also thanked all who participated in this competition. “Don’t give up, we have another three (3) more to go for 2016, so you will still have a chance to win,” he said. 

Felicity Alquist is a short haul reservations consultation at the GO Holidays New Zealand based in Auckland.

SPTO’s next competition will be a trip to Solomon Islands and focuses on travel agents with specialization in the Dive Market. As you know Solomon Islands is one the places in the South Pacific that is renowned as a diver’s paradise and an eco-tourism destination. 

 If you are Dive Specialist and sell dive travel packages, then this is just the competition for you as the trip will involve loads of underwater activities. The competition is for the certified Divers only.  

Photo: Felicity Alquist – first winner of SPTO’s 2016 specialists program.
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