June 20, 2016

NRL & Digicel partnership to empower Pacific regions

Rugby League in the country has just gotten even bigger with a three year partnership between the NRL and communications provider Digicel that will
aim to support rugby league among youngsters, the grassroots, women and fans throughout the country and the Pacific.

“Over 200, 000 students , 1,000 students across 100 schools throughout PNG, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga will benefit the program including rugby league players from the grass roots level and women in order to implement tailor educational resources to health and awareness program through the sport of rugby league, and we (NRL) are proud to be partnering up with PNG and the National Government to carry out this program”, said NRL Chief Commercial Officer and CEO for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Michael Brown.

In the presence of Sports and National Events and Minister Justin Tketchenko and Digicel CEO Maurice McCarthy and students from the St John’s Primary School of Tokarara the partnership is set to ensure that fans and grass roots connect through rugby league with Mark Mom NRL country Manager Mark Mom set to carry out the task of implementing the program throughout the country. PNGFM