June 16, 2016

NDB Condemns Damage to Mt Hagen Branch Building

The National Development Bank has condemned the actions of those involved in destroying the Bank’s building along with other business premises and properties in Mount Hagen city last Wednesday.
Managing Director, Moses Liu said extensive damage was caused to the Bank’s new building that was opened over a month ago with the repair bill estimated to be very substantial.
He said the irresponsible and thoughtless disregard for public and private properties in the manner in which the damages were inflicted must be condemned by all sectors of the communities in the province and city.
“Property destruction is a criminal offense that should not be condoned. Moreover, nothing is achieved from the destruction of these buildings and properties except hefty maintenance bills and a negative perception on the city, province and region as a whole by potential investors.” Mr. Liu said.
He added that there are peaceful ways to express views rather than resorting to such measures with absolute disregard for the business houses that provide essential services to the city, province and the region.
“We should think of the repercussions of our actions before we act and not be led by hearsay.” Mr. Liu said.
Mr. Liu is calling on relevant authorities to apprehend and deal with those responsible accordingly.