June 4, 2016

Nature Park goes Green for World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations Principle vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the environment; it serves as the people’s day for doing something positive for the environment and this is just what the Nature Park did today as a host of fun activities greeted over two and a half thousand residents in Port Moresby who made their way to Nature Park to commemorate WED 2016, with the theme GO Green for Life.

Nature Park in Partnership with BSP held the 5th edition of the WED which saw a total of 20 Government organisations and Private companies highlight their products along with fun educational activities in a bid to educate the next generation of young Papua New Guinean’s and encourage the general public to start thinking about using energy saving products and the environment around us which includes plants and animals.

“I encourage everyone to think about going green for life, what this means is that everything we do in our daily living must reflect that we are conscious about the world around us, Plastic bags for one should not be used when going to the market instead use the beautiful traditional billums that are unique to PNG. When buying light bulbs think about purchasing energy saving light bulbs it costs more but the end result is that you save more toea,” Said General Manager for Nature Park Michelle Mc George. PNGFM