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BPS Gold Sponsor for BPNG Financial Inclusion Exposition

Bank South Pacific (BSP) presented K30,000 as Gold Sponsor towards Bank of Papua New Guinea's (BPNG) Financial Inclusion Exposition (Expo), to be held in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province on  July,  15th - 16th.The Financial Expo aims to provide an environment for people to have access to financial services, to create awareness on new development in the finance and banking sector, including innovative financial services and delivery channels.

In announcing BSP's sponsorship, Relieving Deputy General Manager, Retail Banking, Dennis Lamus said,

"The bank's support towards this event is in line with our programs aimed at reaching more people with financial literacy training, banking education and financial services."

BSP is committed to promoting financial inclusion through its 42 branches, 40 Sub Branches, over 300 Agents and convenient Electronic Banking services with key products tailored to suit all markets. The Bank's Banking Education Program, has delivered Financial Literacy Training to over 37 thousand people since 2014.

BPNG's Assistant Governor- Financial Stability Group, Ellison Pidik, thanked BSP for its continued support. The sponsorship also reflects BSPs commitment as a leading Bank in the country that is promoting awareness, and delivery of financial literacy to the unbanked population in the country.

"Improving access to financial services remains a challenge and a collaborative effort is needed to extend financial services to the unbanked majority," he added.

Participation at the event is broad-based and range from licensed financial institutions to community groups and Government Departments.
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