May 5, 2016

World Vision and New Zealand Government launch Ranu Bona Mauri Hanuabada Namona Gaukarana (Water and Healthy Life) Project

World Vision and the New Zealand Government today launched the Ranu Bona Mauri Hanuabada Namona Gaukarana (Water and Healthy Life) Project at Hanuabada Village.
This will be PNG’s first Urban WASH project in one of the most iconic locations in the country – the Big Village. 
The project will fall under the responsibility of Stella within the POM Programme. Caroline will work closely with the project team to support implementation, in particular advocacy and relationship building as well as grant compliance. Sonia will be the technical lead for the project.
Through funding of USD 1,536,841, the project is expected to improve the health of more than 17,950 people (2,500 households) over a four year period by increasing access to safe drinking water, improving hygiene and sanitation behaviour in Hanuabada, in urban Port Moresby. The project will use the government’s Healthy Island Concept to build social capital and create linkages between the community and government services to address water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) needs. The project will improve solid waste management, connect households to reliable, cost-recovered safe water, drive hygiene behaviour change within households and schools, and facilitate stakeholders to develop a feasible, costed proposal to connect the community to Port Moresby’s sewer system.
Expected outputs of the project include:
1. Effective community-based solid waste management system developed and implemented. Activities under this output include two major clean-ups.
2. Hygiene promoted through Healthy Island Concept (HIC) and public awareness programs.
3. School WASH improved through facility repairs/upgrade and Behavour Change Communication.
4. Transparent and cost-recovered water supply system established.
5. Sanitation upgrade study completed and latrines project.
Hanuabada’s ‘Golden Children’ Dika Toua and Steven Kari both attended the launch event to welcome the project on behalf of their community. Other guests included Guest of Honour New Zealand High Commission representative Rachel McCarthy, special guest appearance Lady Carol Kidu, partners Kila Mala (PNG Olympics Committee), Dr Waetai and Dr Morimai Ipai (NCD Health), Matt Dyer (Pacific Rim), Ryley Webster (Sustainable Coastlines), Anthony Hoyal (Curtain Brothers), Mr. Dai Boe (Eda Ranu), Graig Mecklem (KCH), Toua Kohu and Motu Koita Assembly’s Michael Gari and other Councillors, Hanuabada community.
Hanuabada’s own Dika Toua took the opportunity to urge everyone to pull up, do better and do what they can to improve the outlook of the community. Lady Kidu reminded those present of the historical significance of Hanuabada and high profile the village used to be during early days of the PNG governance days. Lady Kidu hoped this would be a project that would be replicated in other Motuan villages over time because it is important. World Vision’s PNG Operation Manager Stella Rumbam said with cleanliness comes the whole health of the community and that is important for the organisation. Mrs Rumbam said even with water infrastructure is nothing if families do not keep simple health and sanitation practices and that for World Vision, health and sanitation are as important as having access to clean water.