Police in PNG hunt for 9 Pastors over torture, death

POLICE in Enga, Papua New Guinea  are looking for nine pastors to be questioned over their role in the alleged torture and killing of a woman accused of sorcery.
Engal Provincial police commander acting Superintendent George Kakas urged the nine from Kombiam district to step down from their pastoral duties and surrender themselves to police for questioning.
Kakas alleged that the pastors had signed an agreement with 50 other leaders on behalf of their Poroyalin tribe last month to torture and kill the elderly woman they had accused of killing a 20-year old man through sorcery.
Kakas, who has seen the copy of the agreement, said instead of protecting the woman, the nine allegedly conspired to have her killed.
He said such so-called pastors were fake servants of the church.
“I have the copy of the agreement that all the leaders signed and given to me while in Kombiam. I want all these leaders who signed to come to the police station,” Kakas said.
He urged village court officials, councilors and village leaders to uphold the law and stop people from carrying out evil acts.
Kakas warned that it they failed to turn themselves in, officers would hunt them down.
He said sorcery was something new to Enga and what the Poroyalin tribesmen did was criminal in nature. The National / ONE PNG
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