May 19, 2016

Parkop receives students' petition

The UPNG Petition to Peter O’Neil demanding him to step down from the officer of the prime minister in light of allegations against him has finally been presented.
This afternoon the petition was presented to the Governor for National Capital District (NCD) Hon. Powes Parkop by student president Kennett Rapa in front in front of students, parents and the public who were there to give their moral support for the students.
The president said O’Neil has only 24 hours to respond to the petition and the deadline for the response will be 3pm tomorrow afternoon.
"The protest is about the office of the prime minister O'Neill is occupying, its not about the case before the court," Rapa said.
He added that the office of the prime minister is important and is for the people of Papua New Guinea and should be respected at all times. Thus, the students demanded the prime minster has respect for the office and step down while dealing with matters before him.
Parkop who received the petition on behalf of the PM made it clear that he is only facilitating the process of presenting the petition and will have it presented to the PM this afternoon and he will make his own response.
The governor also thanked the students for having a peaceful protest by not damaging school properties or going outside and causing damages to public properties.
Meanwhile, the students’ ultimatum is to do a mass withdrawal from the university if the PM fails to respond to the petition. If this does take place, the 2016 academic year will be cancelled.
Pictures: The public gathered at the campus to show their support
Picture2: Medical Faculty Students arrive to join the gathering
Picture3: Port Moresby Technical students show their moral support for the counterparts.