May 31, 2016

Higher Education Miniter Tabar on the face of University students

This is the 5th week of boycotting by the Students at the University of Papua New Guinea and their 1st week of semester 1 suspension upon announcement by the university council last Tuesday. Students have maintained their stands to remain in a sitting boycott until a favourable response comes from the Prime Minster regarding their petition.

In the second sitting of parliament today, Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil raised a question to the Higher Education Minister Malachi Tabar on how his department is addressing the issues that is costing the UPNG students their semester one of the 2016 academic year.
In response to Mr Basil’s question, Minister Tabar stated that he is working closely with the UPNG university council to ensure that the semester resumes successfully. Minister Tabar says the semester one will resume however the university council is taking time to restructure the semester students can kick off from where they left.

In addition, the mister made it clear that Sir Nagora Bogan is still the chancellor of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology following rumours on social media that Sir Nagora was sacked. He says rumours by ‘faceless people on Facebook’ should not be trusted unless an official announcement is made. PNGFM