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Gerehu Hospital closes at 10pm, not 4pm

Reports on the Gerehu Hospital to close operations by 4pm every afternoon is not true and this was confirmed by the hospital manager Dr George Gende this morning.
Dr Gende was very disappointed that a press release was sent out to media houses from the National Department of Health (NDOH) without his consent and he claims most of what was stated on the press release was invalid.
“I was never informed of this press release that was sent out and NDOH never spoke to me, that’s why they got the closing time wrong, the closing time for the hospital is 10pm and not 4pm as stated earlier” said Dr Gende
However Dr Gende did confirm that the strength of the hospital staff is down to 50% which is the main issue at the hospital.
“We see almost 600 patients per day from all over NCD and our current staffs struggle to handle this growing population that access our hospital but that will not disturb the normal hospital operations”
Meanwhile Mr Gende reassured the public that the hospital will operate on normal hours which is from 8am-10pm but he urged the public to look after their health and avoid sicknesses at this time as most hospitals throughout the country are running out of drugs.
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