May 8, 2016

A Mother’s Struggle Under the city lights

They say at the end of the tunnel is a bright light but for young mother Dorin Bob Gulai of Southern Highlands Province it is the city light that illuminates the tunnel in her journey. Leaving her home province in 2009 with her young family to seek economic opportunity in the city, Dorin left behind her family and relatives and made for the city lights. She is a reseller of art and craft freighted all the way from her home province to Port Moresby. Dorin weaves billums and billum hats and spends most of her time doing informal business. 7 years of sitting under the scorching sun in Port Moresby city has paid off for this young mother of two. She currently owns one 25 seater coaster bus that operates as a Public Motor Vehicle and 2 taxis that operate as public transport. Her husband is a taxi driver and she says for her it is not about being a genius but being a good manager. Happy Mothers to Dorin and all the hardworking women out there!