April 25, 2016

Tkatchenko praises RH Group investment

MINISTER for Sports, National Events and the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit Justin Tkatchenko says the multi-million kina Stanley Hotel is a massive investment that is in line with the Government’s visions.
During his visit to inspect the new K400 million hotel last Friday, Tkatchenko said Papua New Guinea would be hosting major international events and such investments were crucial.
“We will be hosting the Women’s FIFA World Cup next year, the Apec summit in 2018, so we will be having international delegations coming from across the globe,” he said.
“Our country and the Government need such first-class hotel facilities for accommodation and conferences because it will lift the standard of our country like the rest of the world.
“I understand the hotel cost more than K400 million and it’s a massive investment RH (Group) is making.”
He said the Stanley Hotel set a new benchmark for the country.
Tkatchenko said such investments created employment for people.
“When the hotel is built here, it will give employment to our people who never had the chance to get employment before. And that is in line with the Government’s agenda to address unemployment in the country,” he said. “It will bring in money to our country which is good for our economy.”
RH Group executive director Ivan Lu said the hotel was expected open for business on July 1. The National/ ONEPNG