April 2, 2016

PNG Government intervenes in passing Manam resettlement bill 2015

The government had to intervene with the setting up for the Manam Resettlement Authority Bill 2015, following the Prime Minister’s concerns of delay due to continuous debates over the makeup of the board.
Following amendments in Parliament this week, the Chairman will now be NEC appointed, with a representative of the churches to be norminated by the Madang Provincial Government to head the new Board.
Deputy Chairman of the board will be the Madang Provincial Administrator and the Bogia District Administrator will now be advisor and consultor.
Further to this, one landowner representative will represent the landowners where Manam and Boisa people are resettled, norminated by the Bogia District Authority and appointed by the NEC.
Also included in the board will be an officer from the Office of the Prime Minister. PNGFM