April 23, 2016

Dengue fever under control in PNG

Already an outbreak in Port Moresby, the main hospital of the city that serves both the National Capital District and the Central province is seeing at least 10 new dengue patients a day. This is according to a source within the hospital who told PNGFM News today that although the number of patients referred to the Accident and Emergency Department at the Port Moresby General Hospital is manageable, there is no treatment for dengue fever and so they are only managing the signs and symptoms of dengue fever.
These signs and symptoms include high fever, body and joints ache, head ache, night sweats, bleeding (gum, urethral and bowel) and nausea. The general public is advised to wear protective clothes when in mosquito infested areas, sleep under mosquito nets and to get rid on mosquito breeding grounds around their backyards. PNGFM