March 21, 2016

Sir Michael Somare on PNG politics

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare told PNGFM news that PNG has grown and achieved a lot of things, but emphasized that we need to be more responsible and proud of being part of a greater Melanesia.
“ Take a national pride in our nation, but do things that are best for us, I think too many of us are reading a lot about our stars and movies and we think that’s how we should do things, but take a look at countries like Australia who boast of a common heritage.”
“We also have a heritage, we have diversity challenges that must be looked closely at because we come from so many tribes with over 800 languages, but how I was able to bring everyone together for self-governance can be one way of uniting our people.”
Sir Michael said PNG has stumbled upon mistakes in politics along the way and re-called how he remained unmoved by discouraging comment during the earlier years of self-governance and stood united with his coastal leaders until PNG gained Independence.
“Sir Barnes said to me in August of 1969 at the Angau Haus, that PNG will never gain independence for the next 50 years, and he said this in front of Ruben Taureka, Mauri Kiki and Oala Rarua”
Sir Michael turned to the three young men at that time and told them not to worry but give him at least 10 years to make things happen.
“Working together and speaking the same language in politics will inspire many other young people to follow suit and I’m glad Im still alive to see the changes that have taken place in PNG,” he added. PNGFM / ONE PNG