March 25, 2016

Police Boost Easter Operations in Port Moresby

People tend to consume more alcohol on public holidays. This Easter season is no exception despite the true meaning of Easter which is to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus in the religion of Christianity.
Road accidents on Public holidays such as this Easter season are mostly cost by drunk drivers and therefore in the country’s capital police have started road blocks and checks at different locations in the city to maintain peace and ensure that no drunken motorists are on the road causing havoc.
We caught up with the police from the Boroko Police Station who were conducting searches at the main Boroko 4 mile roundabout last night. Officer in charge Chief Sergeant George Ongkaubia said that the police are looking at maintaining peace around the city. He made a call to public motorist to respect road safety rules when on the road and to heed to the instructions to avoid charges. PNGFM