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PNG Women told to act no for change

Change will only come when men are involved by working together with women to achieve better results.
This is just one of the many advice that was given to the women at the closing of the 2016 Women’s Forum by Guest Speakers Ms Saran Kaba Jones, CEO and Founder of FACE Africa and Michelle Lucero – CAO and General Counsel of Colorado Children’s Hospital.
“We have the power as individuals to do something in our community because If not us than who? If not now then when?” says Ms Jones.
Both Ms Jones and Ms Lucero admitted that apart from sharing their successes as women they have learnt a lot in return over the three days from many powerful women leaders that spoke at the Forum and by also speaking to individuals.
“One of the things that struck me over the past three days was I see that very near in the future where you won’t have the desire or need or want to have anyone from outside of Papua New guinea to come and speak to you because you have it all right here,” says Ms Lucero.
In conclusion the women were told to take one thing they learnt from this forum and go back to their families and community and implement it to make a change.
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