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Papua New Guinea Gas rated 'highly

PNG Gas rated highly . Photo, LNG processing facility in Port Moresby / lngwordnews
THE Papua New Guinea liquefied natural gas is rated very highly, despite the current glut of supply on the world market, says Petroleum and Energy Minister Ben Micah.
He said that after arriving from the three-day LNG Asia conference in Singapore yesterday. He also spent two days before that in Japan where he met with potential customers for the Papua LNG Project.
“The good news for Papua New Guinea is that we produce very highquality gas,” Micah told The National.
He said another advantage for PNG was the proximity to the market, particularly Japan, which had one of the highest demands for LNG in the world.
“We have quality gas and our distance to the market, especially Japan, is very close compared to gas coming from Qatar, gas coming from US,” Micah said.
“The Japanese are even talking about buying gas from Mozambique – see how far they have to go when we have quality gas. 
“Our first supply from the PNG LNG Project has established important milestones in reputation.
“We are able to supply and deliver what we committed for, competitive pricing, quality gas, very close to the market. These are advantages that we have against many other countries.”
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