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Pacific Balanced Fund opens New Office

The Pacific Balance Fund (PBF) formally known as Investment Corporation Fund of Papua New Guinea (ICPNG) opened their new office today situated at the ground floor of the Defense haus building down town here in Port Moresby, with a street level client centre now available to the people; the new location for the Pacific Balance Fund client centre will provide another link to the 20,000 plus members to those here in Port Moresby and others flying in from other provinces around the country and abroad.
Pacific Balance Fund is a Unit Trust Fund that comprises of a collective investment scheme that is professionally being managed by Melanesian Trustee Services Limited (MTSL) for its Unit Holders for the purpose of providing income and medium to long term growth especially to those in cash corp. farming of Coco, Copra, Coffee and Tea.
Pacific Balance Fund General Manager Rosa Teria says that the new office is intended to improve its services to valued clients, and dedicated to improving other communications with those Unit Holders and this is another step of improving value of their service. Also Melanesian Trustee Services Limited (MTSL) CEO Kennedy Wemin stated that from 2002-2015 a total of K600 million was the return and about K35 million have been paid out as dividends to Pacific Balance Fund members.
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