March 29, 2016

No detailed procedure for Vote of No Confidence : Kua

As long as there is a continued rejection by the Parliamentary Review Committee and Speakers Office with regards to the motion by Opposition for a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE, there will be a continued push for more notices.
That’s from the Member for SinaSina Yongomugl ,Kerenga KUA when speaking to LEGENDFM news who also reiterated that there is NO SET PROCEDURE for this motion in Parliament.
He said he did sign the 2nd and the 3rd motions and is urging Parliament and the Speakers office to stop knit picking on rules that are not known to mankind, rules that even the Members don’t even know of and accept motions for it to be tested on the floor of Parliament.
Kua said even the laws governing such motion and acts of Parliament, do not set a time frame or how many times a motion can be moved , except that it should not be within the 18 months before the issuing of writs.
Further to this, that there are required numbers by the Parties concerned in moving such a motion and if the reasoning is of NATIONAL INTEREST.
“I am happy to sign 100 more motions if I have to,” said Mr Kua.
He added that the issue is substantial compliance and that because there are no set rules, the motions should be tabled and a demonstration by Members should be allowed on the floor in relation to this issue.
Mr Kua was not able to comment on behalf of the Grand Chief on this issue, but speak for himself.

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