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New TB ward at Kerema General Hospital opens

A new state of the art ward for Tuberculosis (TB) for Kerema General Hospital was officially open by Gulf Governor Haivila Kavo on Saturday.
The new state of art ward has 18 self-contained rooms for patents who have multi –drug resistant TB(severe case, a consultation room and visitors bay where visitors can visit their relatives.
The K1.2million ward was made possible through a 60/40 per cent partnership funding between international donor Medicine San Frontiers (MSF) and Gulf Provincial Administration through the Provincial Health Division.
Gulf is the second in the country to have such establishment; the first was Daru General Hospital in the Western Province.
Deputy Secretary for Health Dr Paison Dakulala said the National Department would support the fight to eradicate TB in the province by providing technical assistance.
He said Gulf is a challenging place because of the geographical terrains and transport infrastructure.
"Such partnership between MSF and Gulf Provincial Administration was key in reducing diseases in the province," he said.
He said the National Government will also continue support the Provincial Health.
However, Dr Dakulala urged the Provincial Government to also support with funding.
He commended the partnership between MSF and the Provincial Administration.
Meanwhile, Governor Kavo called on corporate giants that have been operating in the province to start taking initiatives in partnering with the government to better lives of the people.
“To all those company that have been operating in Gulf Province for the many many years it is time now for you to support the people. I call on Total SA, Oil Search, Exxon Mobile, RH and other company to start partnering.
“If you do not support than you would not get the support of the Governor of Gulf."
Kavo said the partnership and opening of the ward signifies greater things ahead for the province.
“Kerema yu no save ,yu yet kam na lukim. (Come see Kerema for yourself , if you never been here or don’t now Kerema) well you have come and seen it.What you see today is what you seen yesterday because tomorrow you will see Kerema this way,”he said.
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