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Madang leaders need to step-up for the good of the province

Peter Yama
Leadership on the ground in Madang is not present which has resulted in the increase in crime.
According to local businessman and long-time resident in Madang, Peter Yama, leaders of Madang need to corporate and talk to the youths in settlements and villages to look after the province.
Peter Yama
"The crime rate in Madang has risen in recent time due to outsiders flooding into the province," said Mr Yama.
Mr Yama also made it known that this has become unhealthy for business houses in the province.
Yama said that providing opportunities for the youths in Madang is something that can keep the young men out of criminal activities.
"Leaders of Madang need to do this and also categorize which youths from which settlements or areas coming into Madang are the root causes of crime in the province," he said.
"Leaders of Madang Province need to coordinate and start working together for the betterment of the province."
Furthermore, Mr Yama said that back in the days the leaders of Madang such as himself and Sir Peter Barter worked together to build Madang to where it is and maintained a positive image of the province, which it has lost in recent times.
In representing business houses, public servants and residents of Madang, local businessman Peter Yama is now calling on the national government to start fixing the roads in Madang which is at a deteriorating state.
Yama said that during his political career he has had a hand in the development of many districts, towns and provinces throughout the country.
However, he is now questioning why the government has forgotten about infrastructure development in Madang Province.
"This clearly shows there is no leadership on the ground and lack of corporation amongst the leaders of Madang," said Yama.

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