March 23, 2016

Health Secretary Pascooe Kase warns Health workers in PNG

By: Jacob Marcos

Hospitals and health facilities should adhere to their code of conduct and commit themselves to helping patients, the National Department of Health said yesterday (23/03/16).

Secretary Pascoe Kase said health officers not attending to the needs of the patients was against their oath.

“Medical workers should be present at the facilities to give upfront help and care to emergencies and non-emergencies,” Kase said.

He was frustrated about reports reaching his office about doctors, health extension officers, nurses and community health workers, provincial and district health managers absconding duties, which was a disaster in their moral virtues and the actions were uncalled for.

“The profession of a human mechanic does not require compliance to unaccepted time lengths and there should be no such excuses like after hours, weekends and off-time for the vocation because you are dealing with a human life that can only be replaced by God the Creator so the officers must value that,” he stressed.

Kase also said that he was aware of some hospitals and health facilities in the country who have “leadership” issues but that did not guarantee health workers to “stop-work and hide in tinted vehicles”.

“I want the Provincial Health Authorities and Chief Executives Officers of the hospitals to be vigilant about their officers so that communication between leaders and implementers must be open and accessible for services delivery,” he said.

“Given the fact that we have many challenges to manage, it is about time we put aside differences and fight for what is best for the people of this nation,” Kase said.

Health workers should continue to save lives and shed lights in the darkness, he said.