March 18, 2016

Digicel Introduces Lotu Line Service to generate more revenue

Digicel PNG and NewCom Live have launched a new service today, which provides customers with an innovative way of receiving daily religious updates via a dial-in line.

The “Lotu Line” service will allow Digicel customers to listen to daily Mass gospel, bible readings, prayers and hymns.
The service will also feature a special Lent and Easter message, Bible stories for children and will allow users to listen to the Vatican radio station, from anywhere at any time of the day.
Lotu Line is free to subscribe and customers will pay a fee of 20 toea per day to use the service. Customers can listen to the service for up to 20 minutes per day from their mobile phone.
Digicel’s PNG customers are the first to access and experience this new and exciting service, which will soon be rolled out across the Pacific region.
“The Lotu Line Service is a new service that provides information and inspiration to those wanting to keep in touch with their spiritual duties. The service is simple and easy to use and we are delighted to introduce it into the PNG market,” said Digicel’s Head of Consumer, Khattar Fehmi.
“Digicel is committed to providing its customers with competitive and innovative products and services ensuring their experiences remain valuable,” said Fehmi.
To subscribe to the Lotu Line service, Digicel customers can dial 16335 from their mobile phone.