February 3, 2016

Police hunt for alledged wife basher

Port Moresby police are on the hunt for a man who allegedly bashed his wife after forcing her out of her office in front of other staff last Friday.
Police say the 28 year old Waigani Court Employee was forced to go home by her intoxicated husband where she was allegedly assaulted, sustaining cuts, bruises and a broken nose.
Officer In Charge of the Waigani Family and Sexual Violence Unit, FSVU, Sergeant Peter Aimm, told PNG TV Live
“Upon arriving at their residence to make the arrest, the alleged perpetrator escaped through their back door and made a run for it through the bushes and even swam through a swamp to get away from us.”
“The woman is yet to reveal her partner’s facial identity, so we can properly investigate and pursue to arrest the alleged perpetrator,” Sergeant Aimm said.