February 12, 2016

PNG Prime Miminister Peter O'Neill thanks World Bank for development support

Papua New Guinea  Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill has welcomes the ongoing support of the World Bank in Papua New Guinea.
At a meeting with World Bank Country Manager in Papua New Guinea, Ms. Steffi Stallmeister, the Prime Minister was given an update of the Bank’s overall activities and said he was impressed with progress.
“I thank Ms Stallmeister and the World Bank for their work in Papua New Guinea and their ongoing commitment to our national development agenda,” the Prime Minister said.
“Over the past three years the World Bank has been implementing a Country Partnership Strategy for Papua New Guinea that guides their involvement in our country.
“The strategy has the stated aim of working together to ensure women and men, girls and boys, benefit equally from Papua New Guinea’s development goals
“As our country transitions from traditional rural societies to a modern economy in the space of a generation, this carries challenges.
“I thank the World Bank for the work they are doing to strengthen the capacity of women around our country to engage in the formal economy.
“One of these challenges is financial inclusion and opening opportunities for women in small business so they can have their own bank accounts, particularly in rural areas.
“Helping people in remote areas to access information and data through internet is another area where the World Bank is providing support to our people.
“Crossing the information divide is important for all countries, particularly as this includes increasing access to information about sicknesses and healthcare, weather forecasts for farmers, and expanding education opportunities.
“The World Bank is further assisting youth in our urban communities to access training and apprenticeships and improving their potential to access job opportunities.”
The Prime Minister said engagement with global bodies such as the World Bank brings the wealth of knowledge and information to the people of Papua New Guinea and he looks forward to the relationship going from strength to strength.