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Build, keep public confidence says Chief Justice Salamo Injia

CHIEF Justice Sir Salamo Injia has called on judges, magistrates, lawyers, police and Correctional Services officers to build and maintain public confidence in the country.
This, he said, was the bottom line to making the nation’s law and justice sector strong and secure.
Sir Salamo said that yesterday in Mt Hagen during the 41st legal year opening. He said public confidence was paramount.
Sir Salamo said the law and justice sector was a very important sector playing a key role in the country.
He said in all aspects of life people must know that they had a journey and they had a job to perform; this also applied to the law and justice sector.
“If you are working on something, then you know that you have a job ahead.
“Public trust or confidence will be built when you get the job done,” Sir Salamo said.
“We have to start with the community and we must make sure that everyone is satisfied with what we are doing.”
 Sir Salamo said as people looking after the administration of the law and justice sector, they had to make sure that the trust and confidence was built by getting the job done.
He said doing things to please others was the start of building public confidence and trust.
Sir Salamo said Mt Hagen would remain as the regional centre with three resident judges.

The National/ONE PNG
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