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Bank South Pacific respond to Winston Relief Efforts

The BSP Fiji group began their distribution of basic food items yesterday assisting families in eight villages across the Ra district.

In the time he spent consoling members of these communities BSP Country Manager - Mr Kevin McCarthy reassured them that they were being supported by the whole of Fiji and those overseas to help them rebuild their lives. "We are very saddened to see the destruction here and we can't imagine what you're going through to rebuild your community.  We're a Bank that's committed to giving back to communities and that is why we're here today, with you, in your time of need."

Distributions were done in village halls, outside damaged homes, under trees and by the roadside.  These makeshift venues were emotionally charged as village elders, men, women and children received their supplies at a time when they were at critically low levels.

"We are honored to offer help with these provisions that may not fix your long term problems but we're hoping can help with your immediate need for nourishment and try to bring a smile on your faces," encouraged Mr McCarthy.

The 8 villages visited yesterday were Namuaimada, Nanukuloa, Naiserelagi, Rokovuaka, Naibita, Nailega, Bucalevu, and Nasautoka. All village headmen mobilised their communities and accorded the BSP delegation with the traditional gestures of showing gratitude.  i cobo (claps), positive cheers, hymns of praise were sung and emotional thanksgiving speeches were made in all these locations.

Mr McCarthy was inspired by these communities who have lost almost everything. "They have an immense challenge ahead to recover from this but it's fantastic to see their positivity and how they are moving on with their lives."

BSP's $100K Cyclone Winston Relief Efforts are in support of ongoing national efforts by the Government of Fiji through the National Disaster Management office.
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