January 12, 2016

Vision City opens new wing

RH’s Vision City in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea has opened a new wing inside the mega shopping mall  to the public.

Several businesses and companies use the new wing to operate their outlets.
Vision City general manager Anderson Ting told media that the new wing has at least 20 new shoplots. 
He said Huawei & Coolstuffs would start operating next Monday as committed by their respective managers. 
“The current food court will host at least seven new shops and we will only be able to materialise that when they start to operate from the new food court tentatively by the end of this week,” Ting said.
“The shops here will be City Clothing & Wantok Clothing occupied by local Papua New Guineans whereas Shoeland, Police Apparel, 2 Fast Motor, Kids Apparel and Ice Cream Parlour.
“PNG Meriblouse and Eden Health are owned by the same Papua New Guinean, Ms Margaret,  who will constantly push the contractors to have her business up by end of the month.
“She was one of the cart owners who took the initiative in expanding her business from a traditional cart to a shop front.
“Digicel will showcase its latest innovative flagship store design in this new wing whereas the rest of the restaurants will offer the shoppers a new range of tantalising dishes not experienced before. 
“The Cuppa will be the oasis of the new wing as the classic design and ambience is ideal for executives to meet up or just a place to unwind after work in order to beat the hectic after 5pm traffic hour rush home. 
“We will be constantly brainstorming for ideas in creating a whole new shopping experience, new products and environment for the people.
“Stay tuned for more updates,” he said.  The National / ONE PNG