January 10, 2016

Tanna listed in top 10 Australian films of 2015

Tanna has been ranked one of the ten best Australian films of 2015.

Visions of people from one of the world’s last tribal societies meeting around an active volcano in remote Vanuatu, as if regarding it as a kind of all-knowing spiritual force, ranked among the year’s most memorable films.

Performed by non-professional actors from a tiny tribe known as the Yakel, Tanna is the narrative debut of Australian documentarians Bentley Dean and Martin Butler and the first feature to be shot entirely on the South Pacific island.

Tanna’s doomed-lovers-from-warring-tribes framework is a familiar one, but exotic settings and the film-makers’ attention to detail give it a lush, lavish, shimmering sense of beauty and vitality.

Source: The Guardian