January 21, 2016


A team from the PNG Electoral Commission were invited yesterday to the Port Moresby Grammar School in NCD to give an awareness teaching staff of the School on Electoral Rolls and Enrollment of of Voters in Preparation for the 2017 National Elections.
The PNGEC Awareness Officers said all eligible voters must be registered through filling an enrolment form from each Provincial Electoral Officers to allow for the election process to flow smoothly next year.
The Awareness Officers said in the case of people being transferred from one location to another, Provincial Electoral Offices must be notified of the transfers and appointed Returning Officer is the rightful person to either remove or register names of transfers on provincial electoral rolls.
They also told the teaching staffs that the PNGEC will not be using NID for the National Elections in 2017.
They said the NID is an initiative of the Government and is no included with the PNGEC to be used during elections.
“PNGEC will conduct elections using Electoral Rolls in 2017 and all eligible voters must all be enrolled to be registered in Electoral Rolls to vote in the elections”, the officers said.
The officers called on all citizens above 18 who had their names registered during the last electoral rolls update to enrol again to be registered as eligible voters for the 2017 elections and the result of not do so will result in them not allowed to cast their votes.
Meanwhile the Teaching Staffs of Port Moresby Grammar School have also initiated in helping the PNGEC with the election awareness.
The staffs have asked if the Minister responsible could create funding with the PNGEC to fund programmes that schools would take up to educate students about the election system and processes.
They believed that by educating students in schools around the country is one of the best way to do or carry out these awareness to most part of the country to prepare people for the elections.