January 4, 2016

PNG Hunters begin pre-season training

PNG Hunters player Adam Korave at training. Photo credit: PNG Hunters
Hunters coach Micheal Marum will be in Brisbane next week joining Wayne Bennett and the Brisbane Broncos for a week of pre-season  training and discussions on the SP Hunters Utilising the Bronscos' facilities for our Captain's run during the season.

PNG Rugby Footall League CEO Bob Cutmore said this in a press release this morning.

He said Marum has named a 25-men squad with an additional player being added to the pre-season preparation.

“New player in the squad for Season 2016 are; Ishamel BAIKAWA; Benjamin HETRA; Justin OLAM; Anderson BENFORD; Watson BOAS; Sailas GAHUNA; Philemon KIMISEVE and Tuvi LEPAN,”  Cutmore said.

He said the additional player is William Aquila and the development players are Konnie Bernard, Simon Peter and John Ragi

Both Enoch Maki (Knee) and Anderson Benford (Ankle) are recovering from pre-Christmas surgery in Australia and dependent on their rehab both should be available for the start of the season.

The SP Hunters Squad assembled in Port Moresby today for final Pre-season preparations for the 2016 Intrust Super Cup Competition.

The squad is

                                    Stargroth AMEN                      Bland ABAVU

                                    Ishamel BAIKAWA        Anderson BENFORD

                                    Ase BOAS                                     Watson BOAS

                                    Nixon BORANA                        Sailas GAHUNA

                                    Warren GLARE                         Edward GOMA

                                    Benjamin HETRA           Philemon KIMISEVE

                                    Adam KORAVE                        Tuvi LEPAN

                                    Timothy LOMAI                      Enoch MAKI

                                    Justin OLAM                         Brandy PETER

                                    Wartovo PUARA                     Esau SIUNE

                                    Thompson TETEH                  Henry WAN

                                    Ate Bina WABO                         Adex WERA

                                    Noel ZEMING

 Post Courier/ ONE PNG