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Pari settlers to be identified and evicted

A planned protest eviction march was planned today by Pari Villagers in the Moresby South Electorate to evict illegal settlers along the road leading up to the Village;
However this did not eventuate after member for Moresby South Justin Tketchenko met with the Pari community to hear their concerns.
Of major concern to the community in Pari is the selling of customary land to illegal settlers by certain individuals without the consent of the clan and upon settling and building, the illegal settlers build onto other individual clan member land areas and this practice has vented frustration and anger in the community.
Tkatchenko said corporation is needed to work together and sort the issue and the most important thing is for Pari villagers not to sell portions of land and he has committed himself to settle bills for Pari Villagers to engage lawyers and surveyors to conduct a land surveying process to identify illegal settlers.
A month time frame was agreed by the villagers for the work of surveying to be carried out before it can be determined who along the Pari road are encroaching on clan land and are illegal settlers and a stop work order has been given by the villagers to the settlers along the Pari Road.
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