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Heliscope PNG and Yulai Landowners Association Joint Venture provides Local opportunities


9  JAN,  2015   -­   HeliScope  PNG,  a  Port  Moresby  based   helicopter  operator,  along  with   The  Yulai   Landowners  Association  Inc.,  today  signed  a  landmark  Joint  Venture  Agreement.     The  “ HeliYulai ”   Joint  Venture   proposes  to  provide  world-­class  helicopter  services  to  the  Goilala  region   and  Tolukuma  area.  The  joint  venture  seeks  to  actively  involve  and  provide  opportunities  for  the  local   Goilala  people  through  employment  and  training.  Initially,  two  local  graduates  will  travel  to  Australia  for   specialist  training  as  load  masters  and  certified  rigging  experts.  As  business  grows,  several  more  local   recruits  will  undergo  training  in  logistics  management.     In  addition  to  providing  local  employment  and  training,  a  percentage  of  the  revenue  from  HeliScope   PNG’s  flights  in  the  Goilala  Region  and  Tolukuma  area  will  be  allocated  to  community  projects  governed   by  the  Yulai  Landowners  Association.  
Present  at  the  signing  of  the  “ HeliYulai ”  Joint  Venture  was  a  Representative  from  the  Central  Provincial   Government,  Tolukuma  Gold  Mine  Management  team.  Three  local  Clan  Leaders  from  Hameng,  Yaulo,   and  Yangam  were  also  witness  to  the  landmark  agreement.  
Giles  Rooney,  CEO  of  HeliScope  PNG  commented.  "It's  very  exciting  to  be  involved  with  the  Yulai   Landowners  Association,  we  have  worked  hard  with  them  to  ensure  the  arrangement  serves  the  client   well  and  the  community  well,”  he  said.  “I  believe  it’s  a  sustainable  plan  for  everyone  involved.”  
Giles  started  his  aviation  career  at  an  early  age  in  PNG  before  leaving  to  fly  internationally.   "It’s  very  rewarding  to  be  able  to  come  back  to  where  I  started  long  ago  and  give  something  back  to  the   country  and  province  where  my  career  began."  
Yulai  Landowners  Chairman  George  Gusi  added.  "We  are  very  pleased  now  to  have  a  working  interest  in   the  aviation  sector  for  our  area.  The  community  will  very  much  benefit  from  this  agreement  going   forward,”  he  said.  “Having  the  local  people  involved  at  this  level  is  very  exciting  for  us.”  

HeliScope PNG is a helicopter charter company based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. HeliScope specialises in drilling support, heavy lift operations, telecommunications tower construction, seismic support services, oil and gas exploration, mining and surveying support, aeromedical search and rescue, passenger transport and VIP Charter. 

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