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There is always some sort of violent crimes happening in Hela Province everyday as a result of unnecessary arguments.
The Acting PPC Inspector Daniel Yangen tells this station that the recent attack on two policemen by locals in Komo will be seriously looked into once the PPC, Chief Inspector Michael Welly returns to the province next week.
"We are awaiting Chief Inspector Welly to return on Tuesday next week from his duty travel to Port Moresby and then we will beef up our men power and go to Komo to identify possible suspects involved in this incident and apprehend them," said Inspector Yangen.
Furthermore, Hela Province has seen many killings in recent weeks due to arguments over women, land and pigs.
According to Inspector Daniel Yangen, a man was chopped by bush knives on Monday and died.
"There is also an ongoing fight in Hides where the warring tribes are doing payback killing to each other whenever they meet anywhere," Mr Yangen said.
One positive thing was that Police in Hela have put a stop to a fight that has taken 5 lives already in Tari Town area.
But according to the acting PPC Daniel Yangen, the tribes are secretly attacking each other when they meet in Tari town so the Police are seriously monitoring this situation for peace to prevail.
Acting PPC Daniel Yangen
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