January 7, 2016

Enga Police investigate Sorcery violence case

This woman, a mother of 7 was accused of killing
her husband using sorcery.  Photo credit: Koim Kalum
Police in Enga province are investigating a sorcery related violence case in the Surinki village of the Laigaim- Pogera District, Papua New Guinea, after pictures of a woman being tortured by group men went viral on facebook.
The pictures show a woman being tied to a pole and a male suspect drives a bush knife into her private part while the others hold her down. 
Enga Police Boss, George Kakas has confirmed sighting those pictures and his men are going around the village showing the printed pictures to villagers to identify the suspects including the victim.
“We are also trying to find the person that posted these pictures and we are hoping that he will lead us to find the main suspects” said PPC Kakas 
PPC Kakas says there were over 10 cases related to sorcery for last year alone which makes this issue a major problem in the province.
“Sorcery related violence has increased in the province for the last two years and the methods used in torturing people accused of practicing sorcery is so in human that a civilised human being cannot do” 
He said this issue will be their main focus for this year in which they will be conducting awareness in rural areas and educating people on the laws and penalties that are in place for people who torture others or take one’s life. 
“The provincial government seriously needs to look into this issue by funding the police force and other NGO groups to do awareness, educate people and create pathways for victims of sorcery related violence who seek medical help or counseling” said PPC George Kakas.