January 10, 2016

Digicel Resumes Promotions

Digicel customers can now enjoy free speaking time after 11.00pm and SMS’s for just K0.02 with the relaunch of the company’s 60 SMS Bundle and 100 Free Minutes offers on January 2.
The popular offers were stopped over the busy Christmas period to secure network stability, ensuring all of PNG had the opportunity to speak to their loved ones during this special time.
As the only provider to the whole of PNG, Digicel is committed to a reliable nationwide service ensuring all customers have access at key peak periods.
“Christmas and New Years are two of the busiest times for people wanting to chat with family and friends and we want to make sure we have an accessible and reliable network for all our customers,” said Maurice McCarthy, CEO, Digicel PNG.
“We are very happy to announce that these popular offers are once again available and thank our customers for their understanding whilst we had to take a break.”
The 60 SMS bundle offer allows customers to purchase 60 SMS’s at a cost of just K1.20. This compares to the out-of-bundle rate of K0.25 per SMS, bringing the SMS cost down to just K0.02.
The 100 Free Minutes promotion allows customers access to up to 100 minutes of free speaking time between 11.00pm and 5.59am when they have topped up with K5 or more of credit.
Mr McCarthy said these were great ways to save and have been very popular with customers.
“Customers can save even further with astute data management and by being aware of the costs incurred on their account,” he said.
“Sometimes customers don’t realise what is happening in the background on their phone which may be unknowingly using some of their credit.
“For example ‘free’ Google Apps to share photos and messages may actually be using costly data, particularly if you are sending large images or videos.”
Other activity that may be silently using data includes Facebook which now automatically plays videos that appear in a newsfeed rather than waiting for the user to select to watch the video.
“Music, video and TV streaming Apps can use up to 1MB per minute, quickly consuming your credit, especially if they are continuously running and updating in the background.
“Features like this can be turned off allowing customers to protect their credit. Some website browsers also offer Apps which condense data before it is sent to your phone.”