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Art for self expression

With its name derived from the playful term often used to refer to the size of Milne Bay people, the 28 Kreativ Contemporary Artist Association (28K Arts) came into existence thru the dialoguing of likeminded art passionate people who saw that creative arts needed a boost in the country according to the association president Jeffery Feeger.
Since its inception in 2014, the association has been thriving to live up to its goals of getting people to express their own views and feelings thru art. Feeger says the generation today resorts to social media to for self-expression however this avenue limits the creativity of people therefore it has been the goal of 28K Arts to create a platform for people to better self-express through programs like the 28K Model Search that was conducted in Alotau and the 28K Open Mic Nights where people came to just sing, recite poetry or just talk.
With his work celebrated internationally, the exceptionally talented artist Mr Feeger says it is quite sad that local artists do not get that same exposure in the country and therefore the association aims to address this by giving the opportunity to people for self-expression by using art as a tool.
Mr Feeger told NAU FM/YUMI FM/LEGEND FM NEWS that this year 28K Arts has a busy schedule with plans that includes the idea of a youth theatre, a reality TV show and a bi-monthly fine arts workshop. He says although the association’s proposals for funding were not approved the association will go forward with its plans for the year.
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