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Teenager jailed for raping five-year old boy in PNG

A 19-YEAR-old male youth in New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea was sentenced to a year in prison with hard labour for raping a five-year-old boy.
Justice Lawrence Kangwia at local Kavieng National Court  sentenced Ruchard Namui, from Bagail village in Kavieng, to Kavieng Correctional Service to serve his time.

The incident took place in August 10, 2011 when Namui was 16 years old while the victim was four years old.
Namui was alone with the victim and the victim’s younger sister at the victim’s house where they were playing hide and seek. 

In the process, Namui sexually penetrated the victim.
Though the offence had been committed four years ago, it was not reported and dealt with by the court of law until recently.

The judge sentenced Namui as a juvenile, saying the decision on sentence was delayed by two years.
“He was denied a lesser penalty he would have been entitled to as a juvenile,” Kangwia said.
“And now the age of maturity has caught up with him through no fault of his.”
Namui was found guilty after a trial and the victim was forced to give evidence and relive the incident.
“The offence is serious and prevalent and the prisoner abused a relationship of trust and showed no remorse,” Kangwia said.
“And when the sentence was delayed by two years, the prisoner had reached adulthood.”
He said compensation was out of the question and had no value or relevance to the victim who was now seven years old and the sentencing is the option for the incident.
Kangwia, while sentencing the prisoner, warned the people not to breach the trust on you by relatives and friends by abusing them.
“We must maintain the trust that is vested on us by our relatives and friends to treat them well,” he said.

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